Previous Events 2019

Sunday 7 April 2019: University of Worcester

Dilip Sarkar signing a few of his 38 books for Simon Jones!
The throng gathers – at left is 94-year-old Peter Taylor, who flew Spitfires and Mustangs with 65 and 19 Squadrons, with Tessa Chambers, the daughter of Battle of Britain Hurricane pilot Wing Commander Tim Elkington, at whose Memorial Service Dilip was honoured to speak at the following month.

At this first event of 2019, Dilip provided two presentations, ‘I Knew the Few’, his superb, very personal, uniquely illustrated PowerPoint on some of the many Battle of Britain pilots he was privileged to know, and ‘The Blast of War’, a thought-provoking glimpse of his work on those still Missing in Action.

Special guest was Jim Nicolson, who gave an illustrated and inter-active session concerning his august uncle, Wing Commander James Brindles Nicolson VC DFC – Fighter Command’s only VC of the Second World War.

Jim Nicolson, left, discussing a point of detail with aviation historian Andy Long.
Click on the photo above to see a two-minute video of this remarkable event!

Saturday 6 July 2019: Bentley Priory Museum, Stanmore

On this remarkable day, Dilip launched his new book ‘Spitfire!’, a huge history of 19 Squadron 1938-41, firmly focussed on the human experience involved and made possible due to his close personal friendships with the survivors.

Again, Dilip provided two unique presentations, firstly on 19 Squadron, and secondly an all-new ‘I Knew the Few’ – which, owing to the number of the Few Dilip knew, is never the same twice.

Air Marshal Cliff Spink introducing Dilip Sarkar at Bentley Priory – where several times Dilip attended the annual Battle of Britain Fighter Association annual reunion dinner – dining on each occasion with over 100 of the Few!

Dilip was joined at the event by life-long friend and fellow author Andy Long, who gave a riveting presentation, profusely illustrated, on the Boulton Paul Defiant – the subject of his forthcoming book being published by Pen & Sword.

Andy Long talking Defiant’s…
Bentley Priory – Fighter Command’s Battle of Britain HQ – a superb Museum run by terrific staff and wonderful volunteers for whom nothing is too much trouble – highly recommended!